Mystery Room

Mystery Room is one of the larger escape room complexes .  Our group tried (at the time) the two hardest rooms.

Reviewed rooms:  Mummy’s Curse, Haunted Hospital (aka Psychiatric Ward Escape)

Creativity and Design (aka its Fancy level): – Was it inventive ? Did it fit the theme?

: 3.5 of 5.0

The decorations and layout seem to fit the theme, but at the price of using dollar store quality items.  Some of the clues were worn out (much like ESC-IT) and even the phone used to ask for clues seemed a bit flimsy.

Bells and Whistles: Was it just lockboxes throughout the Room?

Score: 3.5 of 5.0

The strongest point about Mystery Room is their space, with the more space they are one of the facilities that can take advantage of having multiple rooms.  Without ruining anything, the Mummy’s Curse had an interesting concept that split the group in 2 and limited communications.  Otherwise most of the clues were behind lockboxes.  NOTE I would highly recommend more than 4 people for the Mummy’s Curse.

Intuitive (aka Frustration Level):  Was it solvable? or Did you have to be inside the creators mind to solve it?

Score: 2.0 of 5.0

Of the groups that went one group escaped, and one didn’t.  Most of the clues were intuitive, however it seems major points required hints that were a bit vague.  Adding to that each of the rooms require a flashlight so it added to the frustration.  One of the rooms did require some mathematical knowledge to open a lock, however the engineer in me was able to solve it quickly, although i’m sure some people might have difficulty with it.

Staff Support/Price : Were they friendly? Were they helpful? What was the Damage?

Score: 2.5 of 5.0

The staff was very on the ball and watching time carefully.  For the Mummy’s curse they provided paper and immediately destroyed it after we left the room.  This is another venue that takes your wallet/phones before you enter the room and places them in a plastic box.  (pet peeve).  The clues they gave weren’t very useful and it took many tries to get a hold of the staff for assistance.

The current price was $23 , however they offer discounts to larger groups.

Overall:  Mystery Room has the advantage of having a larger complex to utilize in their puzzles, but bigger isn’t always better.  But hey, prove me wrong.

For more information check out:

1140 Sheppard Avenue W, Unit 18
Toronto, ON M3K 2A2