The Shadier Side of Room Escape

Escape Rooms in Toronto

This is not a review. A long post ahead.

I’ve visited most of the escape games on the master list now. I haven’t been to any of the businesses outside of Toronto (Adventure Rooms in Kitchener, Escape Room Niagara Falls, and Escape Maze in Peterborough), but out of the 18 others in Toronto, I’m only missing NextRelic and The Great Escape Canada.

I like to talk to the business owners whenever I get the chance. I give feedback on what I liked and didn’t like, what I thought was done well, what I thought was unfair. I like to chat about what they have upcoming. In my conversations, the most striking thing has always been reports of underhanded business tactics. I’ve heard of people booking off large time slots, giving fake credit card numbers for reservations. I’ve heard of people going to places and wrecking their rooms intentionally. Of course, this…

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