ESC-IT and Xscaper Arts Revisited

We decided to revisit ESC-IT and Xscaper Arts after our adventures last week to see how they measured up.  Both ESC-IT and Xscaper Arts reviews have been updated for the new rooms (Mission Museum and Entrapment).

It was good to revisit ESC-IT after doing “a lap around the GTA”.  The staff seems happy with the extra space of the new location (now located across from Markville Mall) and still just as busy as they have always been (if you are booking, always call ahead or look online).  I would recommend Mission Museum for anyone looking for a (somewhat) straightforward puzzle.

Xscaper Arts was our other revisit this weekend, and we finally got in to try the Entrapment room.  You can read more about it below, but according to them the new room Inception should be done sometime this week (looks like they are under some heavy construction in the meantime).