XSpace and Breakout Team Adventures

This week we visited XSpace and Breakout Team Adventures, which are literally on two different ends of the spectrum of quality, but only minutes away from each other.

XSpace – I was warned about how this place uses alot of lockboxes and they were right.  If you’re read enough of my reviews you will know that I am not a fan, but there were a number of other problems we experienced with XSpace.

Breakout Team Adventures – So far our favourite place on the east end of the city.  They were inventive with the puzzles, had brilliant set design, and enthusiastic staff who have their eyes set on the stars (and very receptive to criticism and new ideas).  If I had one bad thing to say about it is that they don’t have MORE rooms for us to try.  Looking forward to their future rooms (the next one will be available in a month) if they pull off two winning rooms in a row, they may be our favourite place in the city.  If you’re not gobbling on turkey this weekend, book them NOW , before they get busy.

Look out for the full reviews in the next few days.