Breakout Team Adventures

Breakout Team Adventures is located in Scarborough, and quite honestly is hard to find.  But that is the only bad thing i have to say about this gem.  Also its not to be confused with BreakOut, which is downtown Toronto in chinatown, but that’s another review.

We got there early and had a long chat with the operators which we found were UTSC students.  Apparently Breakout Team Adventures is ran by students and backed by a professor.  They hired semi-retired set designers to create the nitty gritty details which definitely showed through our experience.
Reviewed rooms:  Liberty Squad

Creativity and Design (aka its Fancy level):
– Was it inventive ? Did it fit the theme?
Score : 5.0 of 5.0

Liberty Squad is set in WWII where you’re either the rescuing team or the captured team.  It has multiple rooms and does a good job of setting the mood for a base/bunker.  There was furniture reminiscent of that era, shell casings, old photos and even a telegraph (which is used as part of the puzzle).  There is even a surprise at the end that caught our team off guard.  The sound, music and recordings played in the background also added to the experience.  The group before us didn’t finish and when they were overtime the gamemaster comically played ‘game over music’ (from mario).  Liberty squad was professional, detailed and fun.

Bells and Whistles: Was it just lockboxes throughout the Room?
Score: 5.0 of 5.0

If there is any era or theme that I would expect lockboxes it would be this one, surprisingly there were hardily any.  Electronic locks were used for the majority of it, and some interesting aspects of teamwork in the middle rooms we liked.  Another interesting component is that if you need a hint, you’ll hear the clue given to you over the PA, instead of someone coming in, which made me wonder why the other places didn’t have the same systems in place.  Overall the interesting ways the puzzles were put together would give a good appreciation for people new to room escapes versus more experienced people like our team.

Intuitive (aka Frustration Level):  Was it solvable? or Did you have to be inside the creators mind to solve it?
Score: 5.0 of 5.0

Before going in the gamemaster stated, everything you will need will be in the room and will hopefully be obvious on what you need to use.  I’m always skeptical when other gamemasters say it, but this time it was very clear and straightforward on what needed to be done with the clues infront of you.  Of course somethings were less obvious than others, but overall there were no major struggles with our team.  I would have to say that Liberty Squad presents enough clues for even new players to solve it fairly quickly.

Staff Support/Price : Were they friendly? Were they helpful? What was the Damage?
Score: 5.0 of 5.0

Breakout Team Adventures actually approached us first.  We received an email to visit their complex and review them.  After chatting up with them we better understood where they were coming from and the background on everything.  They are the first people we know of to hire professional set designers to work on their rooms.  In contrast we can definitely see the “greeness” of the people doing operations but they were open to share everything and receptive to our ideas and comments.  Whether this is a winning combination (professional design with shining optimism and enthusiasm) only time will tell.  However we hope they do well.

The current price is $24.45/Person with discounts for Groups of 5 or more.  This is on the higher end, but i can definitely say that it is worth the experience.  If its too high, bring some friends and they won’t be disappointed.

Overall:  Based on our experiences across Scarborough (and the east end of the city) we would have to say we’ve enjoyed Breakout Team Adventures the most.  We look forward to their next room and if they keep up their good work, they may be our favourite in the city.  As we were about to go in to the room the group before us was coming out.  As we were passing by they said “You guys are going to have a great time, we had a blast!”, we think you will too.

For more information check out:
705 Progress Ave. Unit 44
Toronto, ON. M1H2X1