Return to BreakOut and Prison Breaker

This weekend we made a return to two favourites BreakOut(now EscapeZone) and Prison Breaker.

BreakOut (now EscapeZone) – We challenged “The Billiard Room Murder”, which we were told right before was the easiest room, and the Da Vinci code was the hardest.  They weren’t kidding.  The Billiard Room is very linear and still fun.  Although the place was very packed (almost 2-4 groups in the lobby at any time) which made it hard to get a hold of the staff for hints.  But this left us hungry for another go at their harder puzzles.

Prison Breaker – We made our (tenatively, until they make changes to the rooms) final return to finish “Poker Room”.  Poker Room was consistent with our other experiences at Prison Breaker; missing polish, yet still very fun.

Props to “Team Kayphen” for rocking both rooms.