Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

So at this point we have explored most of what the GTA has to offer, but haven’t visited everywhere.  Here’s a quick list of where we have yet to go , and why we’re excited or why we haven’t gone yet.

Adventure Rooms Canada
Where is it: Kitchener, ON (http://adventurerooms.ca/)
Why we’re excited/Why we haven’t gone:
So far we’ve heard nothing but good things about them.  Since there aren’t many escape rooms west of the city, we wonder how does it measure up against the best of what we have encountered so far.  They’ve also mentioned they don’t have themes to their rooms, which will be interesting to see and review (since 1/4 of our review is on set design), but we’re hopeful!.

Escape Maze
Where is it: Peterborough, ON (http://www.escapemaze.com/rooms/)
Why we’re excited/Why we haven’t gone:
The room and themes of Escape Maze seem to all be under the Early settlers theme.  It would be a nice change from the variations of prison escapes and laser rooms in the city.  The only thing stopping us is the drive to Peterborough which is a bit farther than we’d like to go, but then again back in my university days i would drive by the Big Apple (pie place) 4-12 times a year.  So maybe it’ll happen sooner than later!

Escape Room Niagara Falls
Where is it: Niagara Falls (http://www.escaperoom.ca/)
Why we’re excited/Why we haven’t gone:
Located in one of the biggest tourist areas in Ontario, we want to see if Escape Room Niagara Falls is another tourist trap or one of the places to visit.  They have now is a limited time event/room called “Trapped in the Carnival” which has an age restriction and a halloween theme, so we’re curious what would make a room 19+ .

Real Escape Game Toronto
Where is it: Toronto (http://www.realescapegame.ca/)
Why we’re excited/Why we haven’t gone:
The big kahuna.  We have been trying to arrange a team (although you can join a game with random people) since they have a room to fit 11 people!.  The next obstacle has been trying to book a time with them since they are solidly booked.  If you haven’t already heard they are based off of the original game from Japan, and now they also have 2 different themes.

Where is it: Toronto/Scarborough (http://www.triango.ca/)
Why we’re excited/Why we haven’t gone:
If you don’t have anything nice to say… say nothing at all.  So we’ll leave it at that.  We would be happy to respond to email inquiries though.

Places you haven’t heard of, because they haven’t opened yet!

iEscaped – http://www.iescaped.com/
Where is it: North York
Why we’re excited: 
New blood on Yonge Street, just a bit north of Finch.  From the photos the sets look nice, but we’ll only know for sure when we visit.

Paniq – http://paniq.ca/
Where is it: Mississauga
Why we’re excited:  
With De Code Adventures just around the corner (not really), these guys have a big shadow behind them.  We hope to see some great things from them.  (Their website looks very stylish to say the least).

Roundabout – http://www.roundaboutcanada.com/
Where is it: Toronto (downtown)
Why we’re excited:  
Another escape complex located downtown, that I’ve heard they should have some impressive set designs.  But will their puzzles be as good?

Room Escape Adventures- http://roomescapeadventures.com/toronto/
Where is it: Toronto (downtown)
Why we’re excited:  
Do you like Zombies? Do you like Room Escapes? Imagine if you had a zombie in a room with you (poor guy/girl is chained to the wall) but every 5 minutes, this zombie gets another foot of chain.  If the zombie touches you, you’re out of the game (short of verbal helping).  Cool concept coming from our friends down south.

There are definitely more to come, but where should we go next?

Feel free to leave your comments below!