Something New, Something Old (First iEscaped)

So this week we went to our old favourite AT Escape and also visited iEscaped which just opened this past weekend.

AT Escape: We finally did The Bunker Evac and the Toy Room Escape.  One thing we immediately noticed was how jam packed it was (we used to be able to just to do a walk-in).    So if you are planning a visit, make sure to call ahead or book online.  We’ve updated our review below

iEscaped: We attempted their room Superhero.  The theme follows a break-in into a comic book writer’s room.  As a self-proclaimed comic book nerd I was impressed with some of the items used to give it that comic book enthusiasts theme.  The gamemasters were eager to hear our feedback, and are escape-room (and comic book) enthusiasts themselves.

Look out for a full review sometime soon!