iEscaped, LockQuest and more!

Look out for a full review this week from iEscaped as they have invited us back to check out their Abandoned Room! (their multi-room).

There is a new kid in town (downtown), LockQuest ( who has also invited us to come check out their room “Escape the Book Club Killer“. The interesting thing about this place is the gamemaster/owner is a 15-year professional video game designer, so we’re excited to see how this translates into his Escape Room design.

Also if you haven’t heard about Trapped! ( and Trapped ( they are two entirely different places (one located Downtown and one uptown in Markham).

And to top it off Room Escape Adventures ( has also started taking people in.  (remember that room with the zombie chained to the wall?).

Just in time for winter! (cause you know you freaked out when you saw snow on the ground this morning)

Look out for full reviews on all these places and more!