Escape Game Blitz!

So this week we have roamed around town to check out the latest and greatest room escapes in the city.

iEscaped – If you’re in North York, give Abandoned a try!   For our take on it, read our review below.

LockQuest – Our team of newbies and experienced players was invited to preview Escape the Book Club Killer and had nothing but high praise!

Trapped – This week we completed Medieval Prison and Contaminated Hospital.  Trapped is definitely leaving their mark in as THE place to be in Markham.  We will update our review to reflect these two new rooms.

Origin Room Break – Located in Richmond Hill, we only discovered them by accident after a random facebook search.  The operations team kindly opened their doors for us last minute to check out their most popular room Vampire.  Look out for a full review this week!

Trapped! – No, you aren’t seeing double.  This is the location located on Dundas (near Bay st) in Downtown Toronto.  If you’re working, shopping or eating in that area with friends, don’t hesitate to book Claustrophobia (in fact do it now!).  You won’t regret it.  We definitely have alot to say about the Trapped! team in our review this week.

Xscape Zone – We ended off our weekend on a very sour note.  Another google search (and some word of mouth) brought us to Xscape Zone in Markham/Scarborough.  Find out why later this week in our review.

Special thanks for “Team MarbyanD” for playing with us all week.  We couldn’t have done it without you guys.

And to the readers!… Somehow this little blog made it to 8000 hits!