PanI.Q. Room Escapes, Triango, and the return to De Code Adventures

This week we decided to revisit the west end, and close off our visits (for now) on the Scarborough area by visiting Triango.

Pani.Q. Room Escapes – We traveled out west after getting some Twitter Love from these guys.  We found out that it is run by a cousin of one of the gamemasters as Decipher Rooms and even the flow the building had some resemblance.  We tried out the Dark Room and were pleasantly surprised at this simple and fun adventure.

De Code Adventures – we revisited and checked out one of their newer rooms De Triad Code.  Good times!  Look for an update below later in the week.

Triango – on the opposite side of the city (and quality spectrum) we visited Triango.  Rich in tech, yet lacking in the heart we should have kept it on our DNG (do not go) list, but instead our curiosity got the better of us.

For more info, look out for our full reviews this week!