Our Top Spots, Glossary and Wishlists!

Ever wonder what we mean when we say TaoBao.com? We’ve added a Glossary to help translate those bits.

Also we have added Our Top Spots. Of the 20++ we have visited we feel that these rooms were the crème de la crème, but we’ll keep updating it as we try new and exciting places (like Omescape this weekend!).

So usually among us enthusiasts this question comes up.

“So lets say you had a million dollars to invest into building a room escape, what would you make?”
(because obviously you have nothing better to do with that money).

My wife has suggested making a ‘Candyland’ or Hanzel and Gretel type escape, where there are candy-lined walls and puzzles that revolve around that candy theme.

For myself I have a number of kooky ideas:

Escape from Dim Sum – Your friends have brought you to your first Dim Sum experience (think Chinese Tapas) and somehow you got poisoned.  In order to survive you are required to order specific dishes or find an alternative way to cure yourself .  (with potential multiple endings).

Escape from the Escape Room – You are blindfolded and brought to a room that looks exactly like the lobby you just came from.  Long story short, a gamemaster is about to close up his business and decided you are his last clients,  but he decides to go out of business with a bang.  He has attached the exit code to the bomb, so you will need to defuse it to escape.  Now you have to navigate through the other escape rooms in the facility to find the defusing kit components to escape.

So what are your thoughts and crazy ideas?