Escaping Christmas!

We’ve been on a semi-hiatus to catch up on christmas shopping, but with everything winding down again looks like we’ll have more time to escape!  We’ve recently been back to a few old favourites in the meantime.

EscapeZone – We were finally able to book the Black Room and it was well worth the wait.  The design is simple but the room really shines from the good puzzle flow and two nifty tricks that they had in the room.  If you’ve already tried our other Top Spots downtown, definitely give Black Room a try.

XScaper Arts – We brought some of our first-timer friends to the tech heavy Inception in hopes of beating it this time.  Surprisingly the gamemaster and staff have taken some of our suggestions and even stepped up on improving Inception even further.  The puzzle flow was better and more intuitive.  We also found out this week that the grand opening of their Scarborough location is this coming weekend.  With the spit and polish we saw in Inception, we’re looking forward to their new rooms. (which we have been invited to come and check out)

Live Escape – a newcomer to the scene has also invited us to come and check out their rooms, so hopefully we’ll check them out soon.

Where should we go next?