Happy New Year!

Its been a great holiday season, but now it’s back to business and more importantly escaping.   We didn’t get to escape as much as planned, but played a few fun ones over the holidays.

SAW – Xscaper Arts : so far SAW has the most creative puzzles we have seen at Xscaper Arts.  Although we were expecting some more SAW movie elements in the game, it still managed to scare my wife and our friend (so make sure to leave the pairing up to the staff, haha).  A fun team game with some fun elements.
SPACE – iEscaped :   we were pleasantly surprised by Space.  The Gamemaster warned us that it was their easiest room, but we needed a quick and easy room while we recovered from all our drinking in 2014.  We’ve been asked a number of times for an easy and fun room for kids to do, and we can highly recommend this room as one of those rooms (or for a date night).  Try it out if you’re in North York.
2015 is looking like a busy year already, we’ve had a number of email requests to review NextRelic (who got back in the game), and Xtreme Escape Adventures.  We’re also planning a trip out west to try out Escape Room Niagara, Exit Strategy, The Hour and finally Adventure Rooms so look forward to those rooms.  Finally we’re waiting for the next set of REG tickets, so with a random group or not, we’re going to polish off one of the busiest places in the city.

We’re off to OMESCAPE this weekend to finally do the Kingdom of Cats, so wish us luck!

Happy Escaping, and Happy New Year!