Escaping the snow storm! and onward to the Kingdom of Cats

Through sleet and snow, we didn’t let it stop us from going and playing Omescape’s second room “The Kingdom of Cats”.

As a side note for the sake of transparency i’m not a big cat lover, my wife is.  We have two little furballs in our home that wreak havoc on everything, so the last thing I wanted to escape from one Kingdom of Cats to another.

We broke off into two groups and we all walked away from one conclusion, we all had a fun time.  There was a strong cat theme throughout and strong tech to support it.  The puzzles had good logical flow and really explored many different forms of problem solving.  It felt as polished as the Joker’s Asylum, but still fresh and exciting.  We were definitely excited to see the consistent quality of their room escapes, whether its a by-product of being a part of a franchaise or not.  We are already looking forward to their next room, which should finish Mid-Late January (which one group heard the drill and hammering in their game).

So what are you waiting for ?  Escape from the Kingdom of Cats! (or you can come over and help me escape from mine).

– Next up, Next Relic !