Mid-January 2015 – More reviews to come!

Hey everyone, so this week has been a bit out of the ordinary and did a few new rooms!

SAW – Seven Rooms – So we’ve taken the leap and tried out Seven Rooms.  How did it measure up to our other SAW experience?  We’ll write a full review soon!

Viva Las Vegas – iEscaped
– Our final room at iEscaped and probably the most polished of the rooms.  Our only quarm was with one of the puzzles, but otherwise it may be one of the best poker rooms we’ve played.

The staff at iEscaped also mentioned that they will be retiring the SuperHero room in place of a new room. What will it be?

Haunting of Noriko – Escape Games – Our first game back to Escape Games and it seems they’ve had many changes. We’ll do a full review from scratch about the complete experience. In short, our group had a good time.


More to come as we tackle one of our most anticipated games Assassin’s Suite at Breakout Team Adventures. We’re also venturing out to Mississauga to try out Xtreme Escape Adventures.

Happy Escaping!