Mid-January 2015 – continued

So we didn’t get a chance to review Xtreme Escape Adventures like we planned, but we still managed to find one more room to cap off our week.

Assassin’s Suite – Breakout Team Adventures – Our friends (and possible future reviewers) invited us to check out Breakout’s second room.  Right off the bat, Gamemaster Steven mentioned that they were already in the midst of making changes to The Assassin’s Suite, because of a few headaches with the room.  Playing through the Beta of Assassin’s Suite, we could see there were some kinks to be worked out, but the set design is consistent to the level of Liberty Squad.  Assassin’s Suite seems to be a much easier room and it mirrors our experiences with our recent reviews (focused to make the room feel task-oriented rather than use logic-oriented puzzles).  We look forward to see the changes moving forward with the final version of Assassin’s Suite.

BIO HAZARD – EscapeZone – We booked a late-night Escape downtown at one of our goto places EscapeZone.  The BIO HAZARD room has an optional secondary mission to find a cure (where as the primary is to just escape the room).  The room reminds us of our days playing ESC-IT, a simple single room with many lockboxes.  Even so, in a week full of task-oriented escape rooms, the puzzles in this room were fun and logical.  The room does suffer from too-much-info-not-enough-direction at times, but we still managed to escape and find the cure.  We did experience a slight customer service hiccup, which was latter rectified by a senior representative.

We also tried to visit Lost Canada, which is a chain from Hong Kong opening up on Queen West in Downtown Toronto.  They have their opening initially listed for Oct 2014, but as of Saturday they are going through their testing.  From the photos, the sets look very detailed, so we’re interested to see how their Canadian branch does.

iEscaped just let us know that have been made a minor (yet fun) tweak to their Space room.  We can definitely recommend it for an easy 2-player room.  If you looking for something quick and easy to do, check it out.
So where to next? We still have a number of new places to check out in the city before taking a trip out west (which we discovered we should probably visit the ones in London as well).