Escaping January 2015 – Doctors, Zombies and the plague.

Ok so maybe not the plague per se, but one of us is definitely coming down with a cold.  We were planning a big trip to go out of the city but a couple of our plans derailed.  Instead we stayed in the city for good eats (Porchetta & Co) and one new game and one old favourite.

Trapped in a Room with a Zombie – Room Escape Adventures – We’ve been meaning to visit these guys since they first opened.  A room that started out in Columbus, OH that has spawned all over the states and finally in Toronto.  If you enjoyed LockQuest you’ll probably enjoy the guided experience that is “Trapped in a Room with a Zombie”.  Look out for our full review later this week.

The Last Patient – ESC-IT – It is listed as one of their harder rooms for a reason, and perhaps it was because of our lack of people (it was just the two of us) that we didn’t escape.  There were some good elements like multiple simultaneous puzzles, and some new “ESC-IT firsts” that felt somewhat refreshing.  The puzzles themselves weren’t overly complicated (save for 1 or 2 logical leaps).  The staff is still great as always and their wall of shame is bigger than ever (which shows that business is still good).  In terms of the ESC-IT experience its was a fun adventure that explores new elements, and you can’t beat $15.

Look out for our full review of REA’s Trapped in a Room with a Zombie later this week!

Happy Escaping