The Shadier Side of Room Escape 2

EscapistTO tells it like it is. You know who you are, fix your games!

Escape Rooms in Toronto

The focus of this short article will be on consistently broken games and the ethics behind it. This will be a lot less incendiary than the last post , and no particular businesses will be named, and evidence is circumstantial

I wrote in my ‘one year in review’ about how I loathe businesses that are okay with selling broken games, and I’ll explain in detail why. It’s an important distinction that there are definitely businesses/rooms that break down intermittently from random wear and tear, quickly address it and move on. These are not the same businesses.
The first obvious reason is of course that the player’s experience is damaged. Maybe a lock doesn’t open when it should, or maybe a button doesn’t activate a hidden panel. The problem snowballs. Players won’t know that a mechanism isn’t working because it’s broken. It’s much easier to assume the answer they used was…

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