“Your Mission if you choose to accept it” By Liz!

So we thought we’d try something a little different.  A few weeks ago EscapistTO suggested that we all take part in his Themed Thursday.  One of our readers has submitted to us an idea that was just too awesome to keep to ourselves.

Here is Liz’s Theme.


You open the doors and are immediately overwhelmed by white.  Everything…the walls, the floor, even what appears a receptionist desk is painted white.  Sitting behind the desk, a woman in a white uniform (naturally), is filing her nails.  She looks up and mumbles, “Welcome to Evolo.  Can I help you?”  What have I gotten myself into…you ask yourself…but once you give your name, her demeanour changes immediately, “Oh Agent Smith, we’ve been expecting you and your party.  Please come with me.”  You trail along behind her, noting several other desks (white) with several other people in uniforms (white) bustling around.  Eventually you are led to an empty room with chairs and a screen. “Please have a seat, your mission briefing will begin shortly.”

My plan for an escape room venture would be a spy agency.  The staff and setting outside of the rooms would reflect this, with staff in costume and in character whenever possible.  All the ‘missions’ would be spy related and ideally, if you were to visit the rooms in a specific order, there would be an overarching storyline that would be revealed, although each mission could stand alone. Since my favourite rooms so far are plot driven, I would want to incorporate an elaborate story/heist feel into each mission.

Once you in the briefing room, a video would begin. It would include all the fun cheesy stuff about, “your mission if you choose to accept it” and “this message will self-destruct in…”.  The video would basically lay out the fact that you are a freelance spy who is assisting the organization with identifying the identity of a mole.  The agency has determined that an intermediary (the target) has been corresponding with the mole and it is your job to find the information which is believed to be on a USB in the target’s office somewhere.  The information must be accessed in the field, a tracker attached to the USB stick and then returned where you found it.  At all costs, you must not alert the target or her family whom have no idea of her nefarious dealings that you are in the house and have accessed the information.  If you have to crawl through the sewers or go out a window then do it.  Upon escape, you must return to headquarters and immediately identify the mole out loud to all staff who will assist with apprehending him or her.

You would then be brought through a corridor decorated sort of like the inside of a vehicle moving through a cityscape.  The door will open to a small space that is done up like the outside of a house.  There will be a door, a window and one of those stickers that indicate that the house is alarmed.  The sticker will also state that without a code inputted within 60 seconds, the alarm will notify the police. A key would be hidden under something stereotypical such as a loose brick or a rock.  The harder part would of course be to find the code for the alarm.  This would be determine by noticing either etched numbers into the brick or perhaps through the window would be a picture reflecting a living room or something similar which would have the numbers worked into it somehow.

Once you enter the house you are faced with a long corridor. The corridor would be painted as if it could lead to various rooms inside the house aka an optical illusion to give the space more size and depth.  At the end of the hallway there would be a door leading into the office. The office would just be decorated like a basic office, with items like bookshelves, paintings, a desk, a working computer.  There would be no safe in sight.  This would be the main room of the escape and you would need to tear apart the room apart. One of my favourite things about escape rooms has always been looking for clues and finding them in the most unbelievable places so I would want to incorporate that into this part of the experience. There would be lots of actual office items.  Hopefully eventually you would determine that the important pieces needed to move forward would be a slip of paper with a code on it, many slips of paper that would need to physically be pieced together to form a poem, blueprints to the house and a safe behind something cliché like a painting.

Through examining the blueprints, you realize that there is a another room in the house behind the office.  The poem would lead you to a pattern that is repeated over and over again in the room.  Think things like paintings with 3 blue flowers, 2 green flowers, 2 pink flowers and 8 red flowers, the same number of coloured pens, the same number of coloured books, etc.  That would be the code for the safe which would ideally be a tumbler safe.  Inside the safe there would be some general items as well such as some costume jewellery, some documents like a will and photo of a specific part of the wall with a date or a name.  Ideally you would eventually realize that this information can be determined through perusal of the bookshelf, likely something obviously spy related such as James Bond.  The section of wall pictured in the photo could be peeled back to reveal a place to enter a code or a pattern which could be determined from the book referenced in the photo with the date.

So you make it inside the secret room which is small and somewhat dark.  This is the point where you would discover that the target has some weird obsessions such as a wall of treasure trolls or cat toys.  Also hidden in this room would be the USB.  Once you have the USB, you would attach the tracker – probably a sticker of some sort to the device – and then return to the office.  Plugging in the USB to the computer, you would access the files attached which would be full of e-mails back and forth between the target and the mole.   There would be several identifiers such as the person mentioning that they hid the information inside a hat or a bracelet.  Perhaps it would be that that they mentioned that they needed to shave.  The incriminating information could easily be changed depending on which of the staff was working that specific day.   There may be a file where the target themselves was compiling information about the mole in order to use it against them later on.  You would need to memorize the 2 or 3 facts and then go back to return the USB.

At this point, you would hear a door slam and voices begin to talk outside the room.  This would indicate that you could not go back the way you came.  Hopefully you would then realize that the window actually opens out and that you could go out the window.  The video should have primed you at this point to want to go out the window so you would unlock it and escape.  You would sneak along the side of the ‘house’ and escape the way you came.

Once you are back in the main room, you would basically try to deduce who was the spy.  Then you would accuse someone out loud of being the spy.  What would follow would be a choreographed attempt to escape by the mole which would eventually lead to them being taken away in handcuffs.  Another staff member would come back thank the group for their help and let them know that their assistance would, as always, be appreciated in the future.

About the author:

Liz is an experienced Escaper who has been around the city.  She’s got a keen eye for detail and loves escaping as much as we do.  We’re hoping one day she’ll decide to join our team.