Escaping January 2015 – Fun Theme, Dark Theme.

So this weekend we decided to revisit two sites!

The Classroom – Locked-IN – The room itself is pretty simple and seems to borrow some elements from The Simpsons a popular tv show.  It didn’t have any tech and has gone through its share of wear and tear over the months as the locks look faded.  Other than the size of the room, the objects in the room do make it feel like a detention room.   There was one particular puzzle that we had to take a very awkward Logic Leap to get the answer so we called for a hint.  Otherwise it was a very kid-friendly and straightforward room.

The Dark Altar – Omescape – If you haven’t already been to Omescape you’re missing out on one of the best venues in the city.  Dark Altar is has a strong theme,  great tech and (other than one puzzle)  was straightforward (but then again none of us felt we were on our ‘A’ game).  We were recommended to go in with less than 8 people, but we would recommend you go in with more than 4.  Avoid the weekend rush and book ahead or go on a weekday.


That’s it for now!  Where are you going this weekend? Let us know.

Happy Escaping