Escaping February – Did you know?

So we’ve been getting some great feedback with some of our readers on their time at LockQuest.  One thing Gamemaster Ryan mentioned that return players will be able to participate in “Overkeyer mode”.  Ryan explained that it would allow return players (with a large group) to come back and stay in the LockQuest command center to watch and guide their friends.  Very cool!.  (contact LockQuest for more details)

We also spoke to Room Escape Adventures and they also mentioned that if you’re a previous player you can sign-up to be ‘the lab assistant’.  Also they will be releasing a second room ‘Still Hungry’ at some point in the future, with no ETA.


This weekend we’ve been invited to check out iEscaped‘s new room “Defuse” which we hope there will be some defusing!

We’ll also be going to REG 2 : Escape from the Time Travel Lab, with a slight twist! (more info to come on the full review).

That’s it for now, happy escaping!