Escaping February – Bombs and Time Travel

So this long weekend has had a few interesting and fun twists, here’s what happened.

Defuse – iEscaped – We were invited to play iEscaped’s latest and it was also our first review team-up with Manda from Escape Room Addict.  Not only was she a super sleuth but also a superb reviewer with great insight in our feedback session.  The game had many fun elements but could have scored a few more points in immersion.  But since we were their very first game, we know the guys at iEscaped do make the effort to update and change their games, so we look forward to future versions of the game!  Overall if you’re looking for a fun time, try out Defuse.

Escape from the Time Travel Lab – Real Escape Game (REG) – We were invited by CBC radio producer Tomas Urbina from CBC Radio’s Spark to try out REG’s second room as part of a field report on the Escape Room craze.  It was definitely an interesting experience having someone record your gameplay and hopefully we were caught in our more intelligible moments.  We were told the segment will most likely air this coming Sunday, but stay tuned.

Also in the game was a family of 8 that included two kids!  So a special shoutout to them for almost escaping (with barely any help from us), you guys were awesome!

Escape from the Time Travel Lab is a very unique experience that has the guided experience of some of the downtown places we like (Props to Gamemaster Scott and his unpaid interns for doing a superb job).  It has a new and very interesting element that makes it feel like a classic adventure game.  We definitely understand why this room is rated so high in different countries.    Look out for our full review this week but to sum it up “Escape from the Time Travel Lab is almost a perfect translation of an Adventure Game to real life, its also Part Nostalgia and All Fun!”.


Gamemaster Scott also mentioned that REG will have the larger format games available sometime around the spring, and REG is also bringing a Prison based theme in around the Summer.  So lots to look forward to if you are a REG fan.

We are also finalizing our St. Catherine’s/Niagara trip at the end of the month so stay tuned for reviews of The Hour, Escape Niagara and Adventure Rooms Niagara.  If anyone’s been to any of these please let us know what are THE rooms to try!.

Until the next time Happy Escaping!