Escaping March – Ups and Downs

We had an amazing time in the Niagara Region and lots to tell.  But first special thanks to Team MALAN for being awesome the entire trip.

Study of Secrets – Live Escape  Feeling adventurous we re-visited Live Escape to fully check out the room they showed us before if finished, Study of Secrets.  We were joined by Team MARDI and our Totoro buddy Errol from Escape Room Addict .  The room unfortunately fell a little short on our expectations, where the tech had a great potential to impress us, we felt the puzzles and puzzle designs were the weaker parts of the room.  Look for updates on our review for Live Escape below.

The Hour – Emma’s Disappearance / Prison Cell – St. Catherine’s was our first stop to meet the awesome sister-Gamemaster duo of Selina and Marcy.  Both of them grew up adventure gaming and decided to start a business.  After looking at spots in Niagara they decided to grow with the blooming downtown of St. Catherine’s.  All of those years of gaming really showed as they translated those elements into real-life experiences.  We are super pumped for their next room, but not sure if We be walking the plank if we told you anymore.  Look out for our full review this week, but if you’re anxious, go check them out.

Adventure Rooms – The Missing Finger  – To cap off our trip we arrived in the downtown core of Niagara.  We were able to meet Gamemaster Lisa who owns and operates both the Kitchener and Niagara locations.  Lisa came across escape rooms on a trip overseas and was looking for something to do.  The rest is history as she opened the first escape room in Ontario (and almost first in Canada) which is one of the hardest to book places.  We were forewarned that their rooms don’t have a particular theme (which definitely makes our review harder to do), but if you’re looking for a fun time puzzle solving you won’t be disappointed.  They are opening new rooms in both locations later in the year, and we’ll definitely making our way to Kitchener.  We’ll get to the details in our review.

Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to visit Escape Room Niagara yet, as they are undergoing renovations to their rooms The Castle and The Bunker, but we know we’ll be back to visit in a few months.


Otherwise this week we’re finally going to be going to REG 1 – Escape from the Mysterious Room!  and if we’re lucky we’ll fit in Lost Canada (as they just opened) visit.  Our Totoro buddy Errol will also be having a farewell concert for his band Debs & Errol, So if you’re bored of escaping ask us for concert details!.

We’re also teaming up with ERA for something exciting in the next month.  What will it be?

Until the next time, Happy Escaping!