March 17

Puzzle Hunt ([puhz-uh l] [huhnt])

So the last couple of weeks we’ve been working with the Puzzle geniuses of Escape Room Addict (ERA), Errol and Manda, to bring to you a fun and exciting event!

Puzzle Hunt ([puhz-uh l] [huhnt])

What is this all about ?

14 days of PUZZLES.  These aren’t your ordinary run-of-the-mill puzzles, these are HARD (at least they were to us).  Find a team and collaborate!  If you make it to the last day and solve it, you can win prizes from 1 of 7 escape rooms!

Who’s involved ?

ERA’s Errol – who has worked day-and-night on these brain busters.
ERA’s Manda – who is a puzzle solving super genius
and finally us (EGR)

A big THANK YOU also goes out to the escape venues who provided prizes for our event!  Thanks again guys!

AT Escape
Breakout Team Adventures


Xscaper Arts

When/Where do you start? for all the rules and details
It starts on THURSDAY MARCH 19, 2015! (Unless there is a zombie apocalypse)

Because we love puzzles, escape rooms and want to share that with you guys!