March 27

Escaping March – Warm weather, new rooms and more fun things to come.

Puzzle Hunt  – So for the last week we’ve been busy with Puzzle Hunt going on. You can still participate as long as you register before tomorrow! (Puzzle 10).  A quick thank you again to our friends and Puzzle geniuses at Escape Room Addict (ERA), Errol and Manda, and to our sponsors!.  AT EscapeBreakout Team AdventuresCaptiveLockQuestOmescapeTrapped!Xscaper Arts.

Return of Nemesis – Lost Canada –  Amidst the Puzzle Hunt, we took a small team to tackle this new entry in the city.  It was similar to the tech heavy experiences in Markham / Scarborough, but in a downtown setting (which is ironically located on the intersection of Queen St and street called Markham).  When we walked in we were greeted by a extension cable that was running from the top of the complex to the bottom of the stairs that powered an “OPEN” sign.  The room had interesting tech pieces that we haven’t come across, but compared to some of the more polished experiences uptown (like Omescape and Trapped in Markham) we felt underwhelmed with the experience.  The puzzles did require a few logical leaps, but it wasn’t difficult to follow the flow.  Overall, for downtowners looking for something different than their other choices, LOST is for your, but for us it felt like we drove 1 hour in the traffic (from Markham) for a mediocre experience.  Look forward to a full review later next week!

This coming week we’ll be doing another teamup! (at Omescape’s new room the Mysterious Study), tackling the dreaded Counter-Ops and finding out what The Unknown is at Escape Games.  Who knows what else is in store!

Until next time Happy Escaping