Escaping March – Camping and Being Naughty

Puzzle Hunt  – Puzzle Hunt finished off this week.  We’ve been hearing interesting stories, and seeing a lot of dedicated teams power through some of the harder puzzles.  Good job guys and good luck to everyone.  We’ll see you on the other side of Puzzle 14!

De Code the Ancient Mystery – De Code Adventures –  So we made the trek out to Mississauga to try out one of the De Codes’s most popular rooms.  We were joined by Errol of ERA and Team Malan, yet it seemed tiredness got the better of us and we didn’t escape.  The set design for Ancient Mystery was refreshingly different from other themes and the room was well designed.  There wasn’t any fancy tech, but the mechanics used in the room were fitting of the theme.  Finally the puzzles were mostly straightforward and the overall design had good puzzle flow.  We would definitely recommend it to anybody looking for a solid/fun room.

Seven Deadly Sins – Seven Rooms –  After De Code we decided to drop in and try “Seven Deadly Sins” at Seven Rooms.  It has an interesting mechanic where they lock up each player in their own ‘room’ before trying to work together to get out.  Before we entered they asked us to order ourselves in terms of difficulty, and I was put in the most difficult room.  Without ruining too much, each of the 7 rooms does apply its namesake and is based on a sin.  Each of the rooms are riddled with dollar store props and the best designed room (LUST) we felt it was a bit over-the-top (do not bring your kids to this room).  There wasn’t any fancy tech, but there were 2 components did not work so well.  The puzzles ranged from easy to annoying (or ‘difficult’) and didn’t require any major logical leaps.  In contrast to Ancient Mystery, we would only recommend this if you were looking for something unique to try and can overlook its premium cost ($25 + tax) for the experience.

With the long weekend coming up we’re looking forward to Omescape, Escape Games and maybe a few more.  !

Until next time Happy Escaping