Omescape – Mysterious Study – EGT, ERA, EGR Review.

On our most recent return to Omescape we were joined by fellow bloggers Will and Jo from (EGT) and our friends at (ERA), Errol and Manda.  It was great to chat it up with fellow enthusiasts, and we all left satisfied with the experience.

For our entire review of Omescape click here, otherwise the rest of this will focus on our shared experience.

In terms of Intuitiveness and Puzzles, EGT sums it up the best when they said:

The Mysterious Study has some really nice puzzles.  There are a couple of puzzles here that are a really good balance of being hard enough that you need to really sink your teeth into them yet logical enough that if you do, you should be rewarded with the right answer.  If you like linear logic type puzzles, you will be very happy with some of the puzzles in here.  There is also a good mix of other skills required here, including some physicality that you don’t often get.

It definitely helps when you have a super-puzzle-solving team (the puzzles stood no chance against Will, Jo, Errol and Manda), but we were also 6 sets of critiquing eyes.  With that said, we didn’t see any glaring issues with the puzzles and finishing the escape was definitely a bonus.  If we had anything to add, is that it was one of the easier rooms at Omescape and pitched at a right level that new or experienced players would find it enjoyable (and not annoying).

This is what Manda of ERA had to say about the Theme and Tech (it was her first time at Omescape)

There is very little to complain about this room. The decor suited the theme. All of the props were well maintained. Nothing felt out of place or tacked on. The music was appropriate and added to the atmosphere. It actually felt like someone’s study.

Then there’s the tech. I’ll get more into that with the puzzles but suffice it to say it was the most seamlessly integrated tech I have seen in an escape room yet. Unlike other rooms I’ve been to where it was extremely obvious that a bookshelf would move or a key would fall from the ceiling, Mysterious Study’s tech was so well concealed that I was never entirely sure what would move when we had to push a button or enter a password. Best of all, it worked and wasn’t finicky. That should be a given, but this was the first tech heavy room in which something DIDN’T go wrong for me.

It goes to show that we’re not the only ones that find them impressive.  Gamemaster Kenny and Omescape continues to impress new and veteran escapers, with a polished and fun experience.  If you haven’t already book Mysterious Study and see for yourself.

Happy Escaping!

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