April 13

Escaping April – Puzzled Pint, Undercover and Openings ahead

So if you haven’t already heard, Puzzled Pint is happening Tomorrow!  Find out where it is by solving their puzzle !  If you do come by and say hi!

Prison BreakerUndercover – So we visited the guys at Prison Breaker to try out their newest room Undercover (they retired the Poker Room).  What we like about these guys is that they still manage to keep the game fun and interesting minus the high tech (but they could use a little polish).  There were fun elements in the game, the puzzles made sense and didn’t require us to do any large logical leaps.  The fun part is (and rare of low-tech places) there were hardily any lockboxes.  We feel it doesn’t quite reach the level of Cold Case, but for $15/person its worth a try if you are in the area.

We’re hoping Roundabout opens this weekend so we can check them out!  More on that later in the week.  Also we’ll be posting our review of THE UNKNOWN as well, so stay tuned.

Happy Escaping