April 15


Escape Games – The Unknown

Escape Games is located right near Downsview Station at Dufferin and Sheppard.

This time we visited their newest room ‘The Unknown’ which makes this review difficult to write as we have alot of great things to say about it, but at the same time we respectfully can’t.

Reviewed Room: The Unknown

Creativity and Design (aka its Fancy level): – Was it inventive ? Did it fit the theme?
Score : 5.0 of 5.0

The Unknown leaves you with no expectations going in and then you hit the ground running. The props and set design definitely sell the story, with some interesting elements (that i wish i could talk about). There was one environmental factor that we’ve come across in another escape but Escape Games turned it up to 11 compared to the other venue. They also get top marks for the start of the experience, definitely things you can’t buy in a dollar store.

Bells and Whistles: Was it just lockboxes throughout the Room?
Score: 5.0 of 5.0

The Unknown is no exception to the custom components that Escape Games is known for. If i had to guess they must have a monkey brigade constantly fixing and maintaining these components, because in our experiences we haven’t had any technical issues to date. There were at least 2 very cool components that also played into the immersion as environmental and interactive factors.

Intuitive (aka Frustration Level): Was it solvable? or Did you have to be inside the creators mind to solve it?
Score: 5.0 of 5.0

The room was straight-forward and didn’t require any logical leaps. The puzzle design is definitely more linear than Noriko (which worked because half our team was incapacitated). The hint system was unique to Escape Games (yet we’ve come across it elsewhere) and there were sufficient clues to make the overall gameplay flow seem smooth.

Staff Support/Price : Were they friendly? Were they helpful? What was the Damage?

I don’t know if its just us but it seems the Escape Games family is expanding more as we visit. When we were greeted at the door we probably only saw one familiar face and an army of gamemasters resetting and briefing new players. Which is understandable to the volumes they have been hitting (if you try to book a room the week of you are SOL).

The price for the unknown is on the higher end (even thought we did a back-to-back), however it is definitely a room that is worth the value.

Overall: One of the things that Escape Games has been excelling with their newest games is immersion. The gamemasters were clever to not describe the backstory because it actually does help that the story drops you off into … well the unknown. In all our adventures it seems Escape Games has marriaged many successful attributes we’ve come across the city, making the Unknown, almost a perfect game.

For more information check out:

11 Kodiak Crescent
Toronto, ON M3J 0G7