May 13

Escaping May – Roundabout and more fun ahead

Hi guys, so its been a while since we posted but we haven’t stopped escaping!

Roundabout – Final Destination/Back to the Mummy – We were finally able to visit these guys early this week. Final Destination and Back to the Mummy both use movie quality props to give it an authentic and immersive experience.  If you’ve already exhausted all the downtown places (like we have), give Roundabout a try, or wait until our full review for the full story.

We made an appearance at May’s Puzzled Pint as part of Team Mashup with ERA and EGT.  It seems Puzzled Pint Toronto will need to get multiple locations soon if this keeps up (like some of the other major cities).

Trapped! has announced their new room Diamond Heist is being released next week!  Which we are equally excited and nervous to try(because of the lasers).

Speaking of lasers.  Entrapment at Xscaper Arts has been retired for a new room called Kingsman, which currently has alot of questions marks on what exactly they might do.

Riddle Room, is opening this week as well.

Lots of fun things to do this long weekend, we’re hoping to check out a few new places, but until we do stay tuned.

Happy Escaping!