May 19

Escaping May – Long Weekend Fun

So this weekend we can definitely say we satisfied our craving for doing escapes, here is where we went:

Escape from the 6 – Escape the Wild West – We made our way to Oakville to try out this new entry into the city.  Family run and owned, we were impressed with the quality of their builds and the puzzles.  We were told everything was custom built and we could tell it was solid and well planned.  Escape The Wild West’s theme, puzzles and tech were all top notch and definitely worth the trip to Oakville.  We are definitely excited for their next room the Firefighter Escape because it’s being designed by a real firefighter (one of the gamemasters).

Escape Room Niagara Falls – The Castle/The Attic – If Oakville wasn’t far enough, we decided to make our way down to Niagara to try out Escape Room Niagara Falls (but also partially because of our anniversary).  We were impressed by the smoothness and polished puzzle design of the Castle, that had both inventive and fun puzzles.  The Attic challenged us a bit more as we were exhausted by the good weather and travelling, but we were impressed that it had a hybrid of open and linear game styles, which is perfect for large and small groups.  Unfortunately the Attic closes soon, so book before it closes in June.

Riddle Room – Missing Anatomy – Riddle room is located on Yonge St. just near Wellesley Station.  Walking in you feel like you’re walking into a boardgame cafe, loaded with some of the more popular choices and great selections for drinks (of the caffeine sort).  We were greeted by Gamemaster Jeff who talked to us about how the area was lacking some fun and particularly good coffee places.  Missing Anatomy had some fun elements and interesting props, but we felt that some of the game mechanics needed to be ironed out a bit (to be fair we visited them on their opening day).  We will definitely return in a few weeks to get a more complete picture, so look out for that review!

Roundabout – Butcher’s Basement –  We returned to Roundabout yet again!  The Butcher’s Basement is right now our favourite room at Roundabout, which has the same high quality props of the other rooms and a great fun factor.  There was one particular puzzle that might need some polish, but the room finishes nicely.  We will hopefully have a full review this week, so look out for it.

De Code Adventures – Board Game Adventure – We also made our way back to De Code to try out their hardest room the Board Game Adventure.  It was appropriately designed and had nice bright colours throughout.  I would probably say the puzzles fit better for a 60-minute room than a 45-minute room as we were sufficiently challenged with 6 people.  If you know your boardgames, it will definitely come in handy for this room but it is definitely not a deal breaker.
That’s it for now, hopefully we’ll be able to visit more in the coming week.  Look out for Full reviews throughout the week, until then Happy Escaping.