June 20

Escaping June – Summer update!

Hey guys.

So we haven’t been hibernating, infact we’ve been escaping non-stop.  Here’s a short list of where we’ve been without spoiling anything until the review.

Riddle Room – Static – Cool tech, nice open-game room.  (could be a little more decorative) but overall a fun room.

Freeing Canada – Unmask – very well put together and fun room.
Freeing Canada – Painter’s Murderer  – a simple and fun room for newbies, i’d recommend 4 players max.
Freeing Canada – Mission Incredible – a great laser room!  (we had an issue with one puzzle) but otherwise it was very fun and inventive.

Roundabout Canada – The Prisoner – Probably one of the best prisons in the city.  Fun, inventive and good for a group of 4-6.

Captive – Cabinet of Curiosities –  We were fortunate to play the beta and it was up to Captive’s high quality standards.  Great props, puzzles and play style (you’ll know when you try it).

Ye Olde Dandy – Sleezy Speakeasy – A good game for beginners and experts alike.  It’s not as high budget as other places, but it is interactive and immersive.  Think REG, but in a smaller space.  Come for the escape room, stay for the table flipping.

The EGR Team is onto more this week, so stay tuned for more updates