Escaping July – Gamemaster Spotlight

Hi eveyone!

Its hot, the PAN AM games are here and this is the time of year I usually hibernate into air-conditioned-goodness.

For the next few days, we’re going to do a few posts dedicated to the hardworking people behind the scenes of our favourite places, the Gamesmasters.  We love talking to them, so we want to let them share their stories.


In other news here is a few places we’ve been to recently:

Riddle Room – Luci’s Room – We were pleasantly surprised with this visit.  Luci’s room is a solid experience that marriages tech and story very well.  I would almost say at this point, it was one of our favourite “bedroom” themed rooms.  The guys at Riddle Room are definitely contenders to look out for as they mature.  More on our full review.

Xscaper Arts – Kingsman – Xscaper Arts takes another crack at implementing a movie theme into their room and for the most part it works.  You can always count on cool and inventive uses for tech from there, but we feel it is missing a bit of polish.

Xtreme Escape Adventures – Airport Explosion – We’ve been meaning to visit Xtreme for quite a while especially after ERA’s review. We asked ourselves, how bad could it really be?  Look out for our full review.  Spoiler alert it wasn’t pretty.

The Great Escape – The Da Vinci Code – In our return visit to The Great Escape we were hoping for improvements from our time at the Hangover.  There were some interesting elements, but it does fall a little flat.  More in our review.

We do have a few major rooms lined up for mid-summer and hopefully a trip to another city.

Until then stay tuned and Happy Escaping