Xtreme Escape Adventures – Airport Explosion

Xtreme Escape Adventures is located near Pearson airport in Mississauga.  We have been meaning to visit them since they opened but we were never able to find slots.  One thing the gamemaster noted on the phone is to follow the directions on the website carefully, it would be very difficult to find otherwise.

Creativity and Design (aka its Fancy level):
– Was it inventive ? Did it fit the theme?
Score : 1.0 of 5.0

The Airport Explosion is supposed to take part in a holding/interrogation room of an airport.  You have 45 minutes to escape the room before a bomb goes off (thus the airport and explosion part of the theme).  The unfortunate thing is that we’ve been to many interrogation/prison type rooms and rooms with a bomb element and this room didn’t have any of those great elements.  The set design was an office decorated with various posters that didn’t feel like it was relevant to the theme (but just thrown in for the sakes of puzzles).  Some of the pieces on the wall were taped and the room did show wear and tear.

Bells and Whistles: Was it just lockboxes throughout the Room?
Score: 2.5 of 5.0

There were no safety issues, which is probably the only good part about the room.  It was lockbox after lockbox, there was maybe 1 interesting puzzle that fit the theme and used everyday gadgets.  There is a computer in one corner of the room that purely serves the purpose of a countdown and playing a video/sound at the end (to let you know that the bomb has gone off).  Otherwise If you’re a fan of tech you’ll definitely be disappointed.

Intuitive (aka Frustration Level):  Was it solvable? or Did you have to be inside the creators mind to solve it?
Score: 1.0 of 5.0

We were able for the most part to get through the room with no hints, until the end.  The end involved a meta puzzle that didn’t provide enough direction and required large logical leaps.  Even with a hint we were still confused at the approach we needed to take.  We spent the better part of 15 minutes going on various tangents.  The worst part is the final combination needed to entered in an electronic safe which had a 5 minute lockout.

The hint system uses something unique.  You are given a small box that (when opened) lets off a sound from those personal alarm devices.  The sound signals the Gamemaster to come in, in our case that took about 1-2 minutes (yes it was annoying).

Staff Support/Price : Were they friendly? Were they helpful? What was the Damage?

The staff was friendly all the way through our experience.

The current price is $30 per person (with various discounts that change on the website).  We paid around $20, through a special discount they were running at the time.  At the regular price it is definitely rated too high for the type of experience you would be getting.

Overall:  I think if our adventures to this point had stopped with ESC-IT, we would have thought that this was a normal experience.  However Xtreme Escape Adventures has its work cut out for them if they want to stay competitive.  Our final take? There are lots of great places to visit in the city… this isn’t one of them.

For more information check out:
Dixie Airport Centre
1515 Britannia Road East, Suite 251
Mississauga, ON,