Gamemaster Spotlight – Escape Games

There is a good chance you’ve heard about these guys (infact we’re pretty sure you or at least your friends have bragged about going here).  If you haven’t be prepared to clear your calendars, Escape Games is one of the busiest in the city (for good reason).  Without further fluff here is the team at Escape Games.

Why did you get involved in the Escape Room business? 

We’ve traveled the world playing escape games. We love them and we’ve seen the best of them and the worst of them. We don’t think we can do “better” but we knew that there was something missing. We wanted an escape to feel real, raw, exciting and most importantly fun. The only way to accomplish this was with immersion. We knew the team of specialists we could cultivate in Toronto was the team to do it. This is precisely the reason we chose this city. Our connection to the film and gaming industry gives us the talent we need in order to make our vision a reality.

What do you think makes your facility standout in the city? 

We’re the largest and that gives us the resources to do anything we can imagine. We like to push the limits of what is possible. Everything is custom build and tailored to fit our themes. We have a very thorough game design process that encompasses, game theory, psychology, engineering, and most importantly creativity. It’s an elaborate process but it is what makes our games fun and exciting.

Do you have any Interesting stories about any players/Teams?

We have had players discharge fire extinguishers and also rip them out of their mounting brackets in order to bash open locks. This is both (in its extreme) very dangerous and destructive behavior which we do not condone. We actually have a briefing video which instructs players that fire safety equipment is there for safety only and are not part of our missions.

What are some places people are more likely to visit before/after your rooms? 

It’s great that you’ve asked this. We’ve invested heavily into research focusing on what people do immediately before and after visiting our facility. We were under the assumption that they the majority of them were doing pretty much the same things they would do on an average day; going to cafes, restaurants, stopping off at a gas station, or perhaps skipping a class at a local university. After hiring people to follow our customers into and out of our facility we’ve found the following:

afterFigure 1.1 A good portion of our patrons are very stealthy and easily slip out of our line of sight as we follow them.

beforeFigure 1.2 An interesting proportion of our customers also frequent local strip clubs.

Do players have a favourite room?

All of our rooms are booked solid, so from a pure statistic stand-point we can’t really tell which room is the favorite. From qualitative feedback we have a resounding 4 way tie between Escape from Bleak Prison, The Unknown, Syndicate: Relic Heist, and The Haunting of Noriko.

Any other cool or interesting things you want your players/potential players to know?

We have big plans for our next mission. Our motto is “escape reality” meaning it doesn’t just stop at escape rooms. We are planning on something big… really big… really awesome… and really game-changing. With all of our support from our loyal customers we’re finally able to set the bar to a new level.

And there you have it, i’m sure the last question on your mind is “what’s next for Escape Games?”  because that’s something that we’re wondering as well.  Stay tuned for our future reviews!


For more information check out:
11 Kodiak Crescent
Toronto, ON M3J 0G7