Gamemaster Spotlight – Escape from the 6

When we first heard about Escape from the 6, we were very skeptical about ‘how good an out-of-town experience’ could be.  Escape from the Wild West is easily one of favourite rooms across the GTA.  Today Gamemaster Andrew is here to share his experiences.

Why did you get involved in the Escape Room business?

It all started when I did my first escape room in KL, Malayasia. It was the #1 thing to do in KL at the time and sounded right up my alley, so it was an absolute must do for me. After playing I loved it and was excited to get home to start my home and blow people away with this “new” idea. I was too late 😦 there were already a few open in Toronto, so my genius plan didn’t seem so genius anymore. I was living with my sister (Christina) and her husband (Dan) at the time and they loved the idea too, so we played more and more games and thought we liked different things at each game but none had combined all the aspects we liked just yet. At that moment we decided of starting one close to home in Oakville. Dan’s uncle “Uncle Brian” has been in carpentry and homebuilding for 35 years, he would be the perfect fit for our team as he is very inventive so we shot him the idea, and guess what he loved it too! And so Escape From The 6 was born.

What do you think makes your facility standout in the city?

What makes us standout in Oakville is we are the only one! (for But really we believe our games standout because they are great for all ages. We have different versions of our game, one for adults and one for kids, so everyone can enjoy escape game awesomeness. Another standout feature we aim to provide is our unique gameplay. Designing all our own puzzles, we try to combine various types of puzzles (logic, scavenger, and task-based) in each game.


EGR: A nice and simple lobby with a great selection of drinks!

Do you have any Interesting stories about any players/Teams?

An interesting/ironic fact about our team is we have never escaped a game without help HAHA. I can’t believe I have revealed our secret but one day we will! Also to our surprise we haven’t had a destructive team yet (crossing our fingers) not even the kids parties! Uncle Brian likes to believe he has built the strongest game out there.

What are some places people are more likely to visit before/after your rooms?

You know what goes well with escape games, ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT SUSHI! at August 8. Downtown Oakville is good for a nice quaint evening. But if you are looking for something extreme, Indoor skydiving is not to far.

Do players have a favourite room?

Currently we only have the one room, but we will soon be releasing our second escape, “Firefighter Rescue” which is being designed by Dan and he’s a Toronto Firefighter.

Any other cool or interesting things you want your players/potential players to know?

I can tell you how we came up with our name “Escape From The 6”. The rapper Drake popularized this nickname for Toronto check out this article for more info on that ( . Christina thought it worked for our place, like in the sense escape from going to Toronto. From there we also kind of worked it into our future, and hope to have a total of 6 games, so that works too.

As they mentioned above, Escape from the 6 is going to have a Firefighter escape made by a real firefighter.  The interesting thing that Gamemaster Dan told us is that he wants it to be something that both escapers and his collegues would enjoy (and not find cheesy).  So if you’re in the area or not afraid to drive, check out this gem in Oakville.

For more information check out:
521 North Service Rd E, Unit 2C
Oakville, Ontario