Escaping July – Waterloo/Kitchener Trip!

So at this point (we believe) we’ve tried each venue in the GTA.  Looking to get our fix for the weekend we asked ourselves.. Where do we go next?   We were initally planning a trip out to London, but some of their rooms required a minimum of 3 players (and only my wife and I were available).  We were surprised to find out Kitchener had 3 escape venues, and when we were there we found out the had 1 more!

Adventure Rooms – Synonymous with Kitchener is Ontario’s first Escape venue.  We had a good time in their Niagara location and we even got to meet Gamemaster Lisa (who is the owner of Adventure Rooms Canada).  Unfortunately we couldn’t book this one (because they’re always booked a week or two in advance), so we hope to revisit at some point.

Escape Matrix – We had a bit of trouble to find this place, its actually inside a Greek community center.  So after driving around a bit we called and out comes Gamemaster Vincent.  We initially booked the Demon Hotel, but found out later it needs at least a group of 3 for a gameplay mechanic.  Instead they offered a new game that was their take on a heist.  Escape Matrix is the ‘tech’-type of room we’ve seen in Markham/Scarborough, where the theme is lacking polish, but trying to cram in tech.  Usually in these types of rooms we find that the puzzles suffer because of tehc, but they were pretty good, (except with 1 minor pet peeve, but luckily the puzzle had an alternative).  More details on our review!

Gr8escape – B&B Breakout – We also had a bit of trouble finding Gr8escape.  The GPS brought us around to a side of an office building where it was locked.  We called and found out the actual entrance is on Ontario St, just where the Theatre entrance is.  The game was pretty standard with lockboxes and clues contained in a single room.  I think we were more excited in the pre-game because of Gamemaster Sim and Julia’s enthusiasm.

QLUE – So while we were at Gr8escape Gamemaster Sim mentioned there was a forth in the area, so we decided to drive over and given our luck so far we thought we might be able to fit another game in.  When we got there they were closed! The lights were off and door locked.  We found their number and they told us they were “Booked for the day”.  Slightly disappointed we started to head back to Toronto.

Perplexity Escape Games – The Elevator – After realizing we only did 2 games at this point we decided to visit a favourite (that was on the way).  We’ve been meaning to re-visit Perplexity to try Criminal Binds but also found that they had a new room, The Elevator.  It was a great way to cap off our trip because it was a fun and well put-together room.  More on our review!

Fun times ahead as we plan some of our bigger trips (Ottawa and London).  Stay tuned for our reviews

Until then

Happy Escaping!