Escaping August – Playing catchup

We’ve been a bit behind on some reviews because real-life has somewhat gotten in the way, but we promise to get these reviews up by the long weekend!  Here’s a quick preview of the reviews to come

Escape Games – Syndicate/End of the Line – Whenever we do one game at Escape Games we always try to cram another.  Syndicate is a very elaborate take on a heist that adds one element we’re surprised not many other heists have.   End of the Line is an older room, with an interesting design.  I think for an Escape Games “generation one” room its very well done, but we’ll have more to say in our review.

Escape Casa Loma – Escape from the Tower -WOW.  Very immersive, and offers puzzles in much the same style as the REG/Scrap games.  But if we had to be nitpicky there were a few things we wish were done a bit better, but wow!

Lost City – Castle In the Sky – Our first escape in London, and it wasn’t pleasant.  Problems with theme, puzzles and the interesting bits, what bothered us most of all was the various safety and service related issues.

Exodus Escape Rooms – Gemini – Great staff and great puzzles but we should have tried another room.  This room was a great puzzle room, but really lacked an overall theme.  The overall operation reminded us of De Code Adventures in Mississauga, which is a good thing!  Although it was a bit hard to find

Mystery Escape Rooms – Museum Heist –  This was on day 2 of our London trip, where Errol and Manda joined us.  The Museum Heist had some interesting puzzle design, but somewhat lacked in the theme department.  We only wished we could have played the Haunted mansion (but we didn’t have enough players).

Escape Canada – Lost/Apocalypse/Mad Tea Party – Overall we were impressed with the set design, particularly with Lost which had a small plane right in the room.  Mad Tea Party had some very interesting and polished tech uses in the room, which Apocalypse kept it simpler with more mechanical methods.  If anything some of the puzzles require some polish, but we’ll go more into that with each review.

Lots of reviews to come, and also a new feature article!

Stay Tuned and Happy Escaping