Expert Escapers – E4G

We first teamed up with Escapers 4G at Casa Loma Escape – Escape From the Tower.  We were surprised to see how much energy and excitement they brought with them (Escape from the Tower didn’t have a chance).  We also saw E4G demolish REG’s Escape from the Cursed Forest and Canadian Caper – A Night at the Speakeasy.  It might be that they are puzzle solving experts or the fact they are all mothers free of their kids. Here is E4G.


First off.. (this is an easy one) what’s your team name?
Escapers 4G

Who’s on your team? What Skills do they bring to the table?

CodeGreen – Pattern Recognition, Logical Deduction, Organization/Coordination, LOUD
Logic – Deduction, Math, Locks
#7 – Searching, Reading instructions, Math, Intuition
師妹 – Searching, Observation, Pattern Recognition

Collage team photoE4G strutting their stuff at Trapped, Roundabout, Freeing and Omescape.

How/Where was your first escape experience?
The first room that we did as a team was “Death Note” at Trapped Canada. It was because we realized how well we worked as a team that we continued going together since.

What kind of tips would you give to a first time escaper?
1.READ REVIEWS FIRST!! This will help you to know the general theme of the room, and whether or not it appeals to you, scares you, bores you, etc. There are so many escape companies out there, so you don’t want to waste your time at a place that you know for sure you won’t like.

2. Pay attention to the ratings, if provided. Go for an easy room to get a general idea of how escape rooms work.

3. When in the room, look anywhere and everywhere (within limits set by rules). There are often clues in the most unlikely of places.

4. Also, communicate with your teammates, sometimes things are overlooked when both members think the other is taking care of the search/puzzle/riddle.

What are the first 3 things you do when you get into an escape room?

1. Listen carefully to the introduction or rules. The introduction to the game might have clues that will help your escape. Rules such as “nothing will be found behind picture frames”, or “each clue can only be used once” will help save time as well.

2. Observe and report (shout it out) to your team what you saw. For example, “I found a lock which needs 4 numbers”, or “there are 4 paintings here each with a different colour theme”..etc.
It helps to communicate and exchange ideas whether or not they’re relevant, because your team can associate pieces of information that will lead to a solution.

3. Locate your end goal for that room, whether it be the final exit, or a door/route to the next room. Knowing what your end goal is (e.g. find a key, find a passcode, find a combination) will help you to prioritize any clues that you find.

Casa Loma Group Team E4G and EGR at Casa Loma

What kinds of rooms impress you guys the most?
Multi-room escapes and rooms with high technology (that works) impress us the most. We also love it when the puzzles and equipment are very relevant to the theme.

Do you guys have an all-time favourite room?
As per our Ranking table, our all-time favourite is Dark Altar from Omescape!

Brute forcing locks, yay or nay?
Yay if it doesn’t involve damage of properties and if the probability isn’t too small. If we already know 3 numbers to a 4 number lock, it would be faster to guess the last number instead of solving the puzzle. But if we have to try say 50 combinations from a list, then it’s a nay; we’re likely missing a clue somewhere

Playing with randoms, yay or nay?
We prefer to play with people we know because team dynamics is an important factor for escaping and enjoying the game. It also really helps when the people you know are super smart, haha.

Where is your team off to next?
We have booking throughout October and November. We will be visiting Trapped! next

E4G (or as I call them Team Lightning in a bottle), continues to escape the toughest rooms and all after 9pm (cause their kids are in bed).  If you’re looking on some fresh takes on the latest rooms (and even in Chinese) then check out their site.

For more information:

Visit their site:
Twitter: @Escapers4G