Gamemaster Spotlight – Looking Glass Adventures

Looking Glass Adventures has the top family-friendly room in the city, and our expert friends agree.  Still need another reason to go?  Here is GM Christine to share her story.

Why did you get involved in the Escape Room business? 

I played my first game about a year ago and I was instantly hooked, I was eager to share this concept with my friends and community. I thought if I brought the facility into our neighbourhood, it would be such a different and fun thing for people to do and my friends would finally understand what all the hype is about!

I also loved the idea of developing a room, game and story that was suitable for families to play together. I contacted our community business development group and they loved the idea. They were very supportive and really helped me get things going.


EGR: GM Christine showing off one of the many high quality props in the room. (No this isn’t a clue)


What do you think makes your facility standout in the city?

I think we are the only escape game venue that is ‘family friendly’ and that offers children prices. We have become a very ‘cool’ place to have a birthday party.. for kids and adults alike. Although we welcome kids to play the game, it is not just for kids. Our game is challenging for most people even for experienced players. We’re fortunate that our puzzles are very unique so they work well for inexperienced as well and experienced but still remain challenging for all.

We offer unlimited hints and support so that allows a lot of flexibility with the flow of the game. We try really hard to support all our players so they finish the game. We also offer time extensions when we can. We are less about the competition and more about the experience.

We get great complements from our players. I think it’s because we worked hard to develop a relevant storyline that goes along with the game. Also, that our room is decorated with unique and interesting items that would work with our story. Our players love how immersive our game is and as soon as you start playing, you feel transported to another place. We also find we have lots of puzzles so I feel that your really get your money’s worth.


EGR: We wish we could show you more, but the fun starts beyond this door.


Do you have any Interesting stories about any players/Teams? 

There is your normal wear and tear from birthday parties and larger groups but that is to be expected. Most people are very nice and keep things tidy.. in fact, a lot of people clean up after themselves. I think it has something to do with our storyline and how our room is designed.

My favourite stories are always those that create another escape room ‘enthusiast’. It could be anyone and they go in totally not knowing what to expect. Suddenly about 20 minutes into the game you see this spark go off in their eyes and they just have the biggest smile as they move from one clue to the other. They usually escape totally elated and immediately ask to play another game. That is when I direct them to EGR and ERA’s websites as they go such a good job at promoting escape games.

One fun thing I have in the works now- I’ll be working with a young gentleman who is an escape game enthusiast to help plan our an engagement to his girlfriend in our room. We’re customizing the puzzles to lead them towards a locked box with a ring inside. I am so excited for them both as I can’t imagine a better surprise!!


EGR: comfy chairs, good reading material and CANDY!


What are some places people are more likely to visit before/after your rooms?

We are very excited that a board game cafe has just opened up across the street. The owners are awesome and offer free gameplay for all of our customers. They all will help with any birthday party cakes/celebrations for all our customers. We also have some great restaurants and bars all along the Danforth. A tiki lounge is the next bar to open and it’s very close to our facility.. we are very excited about it!!


EGR: That’s alot of impressive scores… Hey wait.. where’s our time?!


Do players have a favourite room?

Right now we just have a ‘one game’ facility. It’s great because it’s your own private space before and after your game. We don’t have any concrete plans, but we would really love to expand to a larger space to incorporate more games. We’d like to stay in the area so we’re in the process of looking for a larger space.

Any other cool or interesting things you want your players/potential players to know?

I would just like encourage everyone to visit our space. I feel that the extra we put into our game really makes a difference. We enjoy meeting other players and talking endlessly about all the games in Toronto. Plus we have candy! Who doesn’t love candy??!!


EGR: Awesome sidewalk art right infront of the entrance doors.  (Spoiler alert: use the stairs behind the door)

So if you haven’t already, try out Looking Glass Adventures (with or without your family).  Its guaranteed to have something for everyone.

For more information check out:
2200 Danforth Ave
Toronto, Ontario