December 11


Gamesmaster Spotlight – Omescape Canada


Without a doubt Omescape Canada is one of the top spots in the city.  They bring a tried-tested-and-true formula that has been used around the world, which is why their rooms are so polished.

In truth this is only half the story.  GM Kenny and his staff have worked hard to create not only a great escape experience, but a great place to hang out with your friends.  Here is GM Kenny on Omescape:


Why did you get involved in the Escape Room business?

We started escaping when escape games began to manifest in Toronto at around 2013. We absolutely loved and enjoyed the thrill these games provided, yet we felt that most of the games were poorly designed and/or loosely put together. We decided to turn our passions and dreams into reality and set our eyes in raising the standards from “Mom And Pop “ to a more professional level.  To do that, we decided to team up with Omescape from China.  This allowed us to combine the strengths on both sides in order to deliver the most advanced and polished escape experience to Toronto .


Omescape 5
EGR:  2 of their 5 high quality games.  We suggest ‘Mysterious Study’ for beginners.


What do you think makes your facility standout in the city?
We are proud to claim that each of our escape missions is equipped with the most advanced technology, so prepare to have a jaw dropping experience! We are not your typical “escape the room” game… each of our missions have a unique storyline and will challenge your wits and dexterity to the next level!


Omescape 4
EGR:  This tree has photos of their elite escapers (no hints), We are on there… somewhere


Do you have any Interesting stories about any players/Teams?

Every day is a story itself. Over the year, we have met and made friends with countless players. You’re all amazing, especially the ones willing to break our locks to escape. Omescape is one large family, we spend our time yelling and hating one another over board games, other times we work together as a team escaping countless rooms worldwide.

Omescape 3
EGR:  Thirsty?  There is Bubble Tea  and Yogen Fruz conveniently in the complex.


What are some places people are more likely to visit before/after your rooms?

Since our escape venue is also a board game café, most of our escape challengers would stick around after their escape mission to enjoy a frosty Yogen Fruz frozen yogurt or premium bubble tea from our Presotea bar! Many of our guests would stay around for the entire night to have fun with our huge selection of board games and classic video games. Otherwise, we are in proximity to some nice All-You-Can Eat restaurants such as Dragon Legends, Syogun Sushi, or the Mandarin. Alongside a few diners and restaurants such as Carmelina, Congee Queen, Canadian Thai, Cravins Caribbean Grill, and Spring Villa Chinese Cuisine.


Omescape 1
EGR:  Retro games + Snacks + Escape = A good time


Do players have a favourite room?

There are various opinions amongst players of which one is their favorite room. Based on the feedback we’ve collected, Kingdom of Cats remains a favorite for sure! Some players were a bit skeptical at first since the Kingdom of Cats sounds pretty funky, but once they’ve completed the challenge, their hearts were enlightened by the cutie cats that reside within this Magical Kingdom!
Omescape 2
EGR:  Omescape is also one of the major boardgame cafes in the Markham area.


Any other cool or interesting things you want your players/potential players to know?

Our players/teams have one common question that leaves us in a state of silence. Our team is constantly striving to improve, but we always regret to think about what our current rooms could have been if we “built” it differently. Honestly we weren’t too sure, but now we can confidently say that it is possible to go beyond the current generation of escape rooms. Over the past year, since Omescape Toronto made its debut, we have seen countless players come and go. We can’t wait to see and welcome you guys back to Omescape.

We have been fans of Omescape ever since they touched down in Markham and as long as they keep building we’ll eagerly await their next room.  

For more information check out:
Unit 7, 7501 Woodbine Ave
Markham, ON  L3R 2W1