December 11


Tips and Tricks – The Black Sheep

You have a few escapes under your belt and seem to have a good team together. Everything seems to be going well, but you are starting to realize, one or two of your members don’t quite fit in. You don’t want to let them go yet, but what can you do?

Is this one of them?

1) Sergeant Bullsh!t
Aliases: “The Bossy One”

– Quickly dismisses other player’s ideas
– Prone to saying: “Bullsh!t, let’s move on”
– Usually watches for time and ‘reminds’ people to hurry up

Why it might be good to have one:
Escape Rooms are only 45 min – 1 hour and you need to be task-oriented.

An experienced Sergeant Bullsh!t should be able to recognize patterns, know how/where to place players (according to puzzle strengths) and know when to fold and call in a hint. (In some cases they are also known to have superhuman senses to detect when puzzles/tech are broken).

All-in-all Sergeant Bullsh!t will get a team in order.

Known Players: Manda, CodeGreen, Errol, Ruby, Mar of Mardi


Aliases: Mr. One-Track-Mind

Characteristics: He is reliving his greatest moment after being the hero in a particular room. Since then every puzzle he encounters he tries to recreate that moment.. but everything looks like that one puzzle.

– Prone to saying : “This is a (Cipher/Tracing Puzzle/Blacklight/etc)”.
– He will usually insist on using his ‘own’ method of solving the puzzle

Why it might be good to have one:
In linear games this guy might be a pain, especially if everyone is waiting on him. Although, in large/open format games there is a good chance his specialty will be needed. A good Sergeant Bullsh!t will put this guy in the proper place to reclaim his glory. (Hopefully along the way he’ll pick up some other useful skills).

Known Players: Mike, “Professor Di”


3) 5 Minutes Behind Guy (5MBG for short)
Aliases: The Turtle

5MBG will usually approach the group with his findings, with the puzzle and opened lockbox in hand. Only to be told by the group that it was solved… 5 minutes ago.

– Prone to hearing: “Oh… we already solved that”
– Will retrace your steps through the room and be confused at where things lead to, usually asking questions to things that aren’t relevant.

Why it might be good to have one:
With more difficult rooms that have large meta puzzles (and open format games), it doesn’t hurt to have someone double check your work. 5MBG is the tortoise to your hare, and at one point he will save the team.

However, if you seem to have multiple 5MBG in your group, you might want to revisit your team communication.

Known Players: “Professor Di”, “-1”

4) Brought His Own Stuff Guy (BHOS for short)
Aliases: The Tool Guy

Characteristics: He really-really wants to escape. So instead of putting up with those dollar store flashlights, he brought his own…. and then some.

– Prone to saying: “Don’t worry, I brought my own”
– He’ll probably be using a UV light way before you need one.

Why it might be good to have one:
We learned the hard way that bringing your stuff is a bad idea. Usually if a room wants you to have a UV light or a flashlight, they’ll provide one. Breaking that flow with your own tools will lead you on various tangents. (Exceptions to the rule are when they don’t/can’t replace the tool, and you ‘happen’ to have one.. Like a a UV light with low batteries).

BHOS has a specialty.. (heck they brought a tool for it) let them focus on that. Most task-based puzzles (yes searching counts) requires time, patience and focus. BHOS has already volunteered, let’em at it.

Known Players: Malan

5) “Why am I here” guy
Aliases: The Diva

Characteristics: The room isn’t impressive, the puzzles are boring or maybe they don’t like puzzles at all.

-Will do anything but solving puzzles (this includes taking naps, watching other people solve)
– Prone to saying: “Meh, you do it”

Why it might be good to have one:
If the player is a confused newbie, they are more likely looking for a role to fit in. If you already have a full team, let them shadow a few people to see if they can provide insight.

If the player is a jaded enthusiast, just get them to a quality room.

At the end of the day, a jaded enthusiast and confused newbie just need a good win and purpose.

Known Players: Mike, Errol, Steve

6) The “-1”
Aliases: He doesn’t need one..

– Holds on to or hides clues (without telling anyone)
– Shows up late
– Disrupts other players with toys/props (may also break them)
– Prone to frustrated outbursts

Basically the unpaid (secret) employee of the escape room. (If you think you are bringing 5 people, you actually brought 4.)

Why it might be good to have one:
… Actually you are probably better off finding any of the other types

Known Players: “-1”.. Yes he actually exists

More roles to come!