EGR: Year Two

We’ve been running this little blog for 2 years and it’s still getting hits somehow.  Last year we did a summary post (mostly for ourselves, kind of like a diary entry?)… So (assuming we make it to year 3) I figured we’d recap our adventures for the year.
Canadian Caper and more fun times

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This time last year we were gearing up for our first Canadian Caper event:A Night at the Speakeasy.  After a great run, the EGT Team (Will, Jen, Yuri) wanted to do another event.  This time we decided to tap into Ruby’s expertise in weddings (she’s a certified wedding planner) and did A Night at the Wedding.  Thankfully between Errol’s Puzzle Genius and Manda’s Directing, both events were a big hit.


Errol is a man with a zillion ideas, most of them are great, and this year one of them was the #REDivas Podcast (starring Errol, Manda and small cameos by us).  We’ve had some awesome guests on the show and hope to have more!  If you’ve been listening, we hope you enjoy our antics because each episode is a blast to record (and hopefully we are informative as well).

This year we also managed to squeeze in a few trips (to Ottawa, Hamilton/Brantford and Kitchener/Waterloo), Dr. Scott Nicholson (who needs no introduction) has also joined us for a few of them.  Every one of those trips was equal parts educational and fun.  I can only say that his Game Design students are lucky to have him and their awesome lab!

Another great event was the 2015 Escape Room Unconference, where we got to meet new people and see some familiar faces, we are eagerly awaiting the next one.


Fun People + Escape Rooms = Great Times

One of the best things about our experiences is meeting great people.

We’ve had the pleasure of conquering some fun rooms with the super-team Escapers4G , and winding down with some great after-game chats and desserts.  If you ever need advice on how to create an effect escape team, talk to Codegreen (aka Leader), she’s armed with a spreadsheet and +10 stats to “Commanding aura”.

We also met the Escape Room Celebrities behind Room Escape Artist (David and Lisa Spira), who had some awesome stories to share. In the same sitting, we also met the super-couple, Amanda and Boyfriend Drew, who made our 200-or-so Escape room count look measly compared to their 350.  (Unfortunately we forgot to take a photo of the experience).


We’ve also had the pleasure to sit in and get to know more of the hardworking owners behind these Escape Rooms.  Its always fun to watch escape room owners play an escape room.  You’ll find that they are literally deconstructing the puzzles and builds in their mind, which usually lead to great discussions after.  Big shoutouts to : Edwin, Jake, Mike, Christine, Jon, Ken, Ada, Kenny, Shaun, Marina, Veteun, Andrew, Dan, Chris, Stephen, David, Matt, Phil and many more people i’m probably forgetting.  Without your work, I’d probably have nothing to talk about..


The people who make it all happen.


Thanks to our partners in crime Errol and Manda, because of them we never know what sort of Escape Rooms adventures are around the corner.  So stay tuned for what we do next!

Thanks to our core teams who help us tackle those harder rooms and give us perspective for our reviews: Kayphen (the puzzle solving duo), Malan (our ace searcher and calculator), Mardi (who re-check our stuff and provide comic relief), Hoyliver/Vivliver (we’re still working on their name) and Chewy (Mr. DIY).


Last, but not least..

Thank YOU for following along!  Without you, this would be just another “Angry-Rant-Page-About-Escape-Rooms”.  We hope your adventures are as fun as ours.   

As always.. Happy Escaping!
Mike and Ruby From the EGR Team.


Halloween Costume 2015: The Errol.