Spin Master Games – Escape Room the Game

We’ve been playing a number boardgames recommended to us by boardgame experts.  Some were good and not so good, so we started taking notes on what we liked/disliked.  Recently Spin Master Games sent us a copy of their game “Escape Room the Game” to see how we found it.

Compared to other boardgames we’ve played, this is the only game that has 4 different scenarios you can choose from.  The game encourages you play them in order of difficulty (Prison to Virus to Nuclear to Aztec… all very common escape room themes) which would warm you up to their style of gameplay.  For the most part we enjoyed their puzzles which ranged from medium to hard in difficulty and they were all unique (to each other).

An interesting component included as part of the game was the decoder device.  It would confirm your answer as well as chime in when you could use the in-game hint (as well as keep the time).  We had some minor issues with it during our first game (because we didn’t know what each of the chimes were), which caused us to get stuck during the prison scenario.

We also found the Virus/Lab scenario to be more straightforward than the prison one, either because of the learning curve of the game or the nature of the puzzles. One thing we’re also noticing with boardgames like these, is they are prone to bottlenecks. Meaning that at any one time you are likely to have 1 or 2 players working on a puzzle and the rest will be twiddling their thumbs.

All-in-all we had a fun time (hiccups aside) honing our escape rooms skills.  It definitely doesn’t replace the Live Escape Room experience, but a good take on an at-home version.
(Or click on here to get a copy)