Escape Maze’s Play Day and More fun.

Hello Escapers,

Sorry for the LONG delay in posts, but we’re slowly getting caught up on everything A.T (After Terminus).  Just a few small announcements

–  Scott Nicholson and The #REDivas and will be at Escape Maze’s (Enthusiast) Play Day .  The Divas will be recording a live session midday and be there all day for games.  If you are there, make sure to stop by and say hi!

– The Crux as you know has locations in Hamilton and Niagara, but they are also expanding to a second location in Hamilton as well.  “The ? Adventure” is joining up with them to bring their fun into the mix.  We’ll be editing our titles/reviews to include “The Crux” to avoid future confusion.  I wonder what else they have planned … hmmm.

More reviews definitely coming as we hit our 3 year anniversary, so stay tuned.