The Crux – Saboteur

This is a bit of a tricky to write about because “The Crux” has recently joined forces with “The ? Adventure”, however we played when it was the latter (so we’ll talk about our experience as is).  We were on a trip to re-conquer the Hamilton region and this was our final stop of the day.  We played these games with the #REDivas and the original diva.  GM Mike, who’s always a pleasure to see, was excited to show off his newest game.  After a brief blurb he split us up, assigned us roles and sent us in.

Saboteur basically has you trying to weed out the mole of your group.  Through the split rooms you have the ability to sabotage the other group or work together.

Creativity and Design: Did it sell the story / theme?
Summary: The focus was on fun game elements versus immersion, but it still worked well

+ Fun game elements allow you to interact with the opposing/friendly team
+ The puzzles are mostly inline with trying to find clues to weed out the saboteur
+ GM interactions were important, which was familiar and unique at the same time
– Decor was a bit random at one point, overall we wish there was a bit more polish

Bells and Whistles: Was it more than lockboxes?
Summary: There were a number pieces that worked well with the story

+ No issues with any mechanical/electrical processes
+ The interactions between the two rooms was something unique and simple
+ One major tech element could use some polish, but it still worked for us.

Intuitive:  Did you have to be inside the designer’s mind to solve it?
Summary:  Fun puzzles with a familiar feel to them.

+ We completed the majority of the puzzles within 30-40 minutes
+ We didn’t need much direction as the puzzles were fairly straightforward.

Staff Support/Price : Were they friendly? Were they helpful? What was the Damage?

GM Mike is one in a million.  A great guy with a passion for making fun games.  With every iteration of his games he seems to be polishing on that fun factor.

The new prices can be found on, but they were reasonable.

Overall:  A uniquely fun game, that pits teams against each other and works well in large group settings (hint hint corporate outings).  With a little more polish we are confident this will be the talk of the town, look forward to it when it relaunches.

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