EGR: Year Three

Year 3 was full of many new and enriching experiences .

Ruby and I finally got to travel abroad and do some escape rooms… I guess running out of escapes is great motivation to travel.

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An exciting milestone was hosting a Room Escape Diva podcast at Transworld’s Room Escape Conference in Niagara Falls, Buffalo.  Between not sleeping much and being nervous wreaks, we had fun (and it was great to meet so many people)!

We also had so much help from our friends Ray at Panic Factory (who provided us with that banner) and Janet from LveSpirit (for our T-shirts, and any of the cool T-shirts we wear).  Thank you guys so much for making us look professional!


So that brings us to Terminus.  Up to this point if you’d ever mentioned “Trains + Escape Rooms” to Errol he’d jump at that opportunity.  And that’s pretty much what happened.

Working with Nick and Ray from Panic Factory (or as we came to call them “Rick and Nay”), was a good fit for Errol’s Puzzle expertise and Manda’s storytelling that made everything a success.

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The best thing about our adventures is the friends we’ve been making along the way (with of course the epic end-game photos).


Lets see what next year brings!