Alcatraz Escape Rooms – Sleepy Hollow

Alcatraz is located in Hamilton Ontario. We were on a trip to re-conquer the Hamilton region and this was our second stop of a #REDivas day out (featuring the original diva).  We were running late because of our previous game, but the GM was accommodating and fast-tracked us in the room.

Long story short: You’re trying to break the curse before midnight.  Manpans also mentioned if you’ve seen the movie, you might be more familiar with the storyline.

Creativity and Design: Did it sell the story / theme?
Summary: Good but not great.

+ A large room with furniture and props that were consistent with the theme
–  there were some noteable dollarstore annoyances
– one tech element felt a bit ‘cheesy’, in the way it was used as a storytelling device.

Bells and Whistles: Was it more than lockboxes?
Summary: Sleepy Hollow doesn’t have any notable (good) tech.

+ No issues with any mechanical/electrical processes
– the non-tech pieces were more enjoyable than the tech ones.

Intuitive:  Did you have to be inside the designer’s mind to solve it?
Summary:  We needed some help here and there, but it is still solvable.

+ We completed the puzzles within 40-50 minutes
+ The hint system makes use of a walkie-talkie system, which we used
– nothing notable, but nothing awful.  We would have liked to see more direction
– quite a few props that acted like red herrings in our playthrough

Staff Support/Price : Were they friendly? Were they helpful? What was the Damage?

The GMs were nice enough to let us off the hook for being 10 minutes late, unfortunately this also set us back on our schedule, so we didn’t get a chance to chat.

Overall:  Sleepy Hollow is a good attempt in creating an immersive experience, although it definitely needs some work.

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