April 26


#REDivas EP 58 and 61 – Cryptex Hunt

In playing catchup, we thought it’d be appropriate to combine these episodes in a post.

If you didn’t know already Errol was working on a Puzzle Hunt for Justin Nevins the creator of the awesomely handcrafted Cryptex Security boxes.

In the EP 58 we talk about puzzle hunts and Justin speaks on what it’s like working with Errol, which is as you expect.


In EP 61 , David Spira of Room Escape Artist guest interviews the crew of the Cryptex Hunt, (Justin Nevins, Errol Elumir, Darren Miller, Dan Egnor, David Lewis, and Manda Whitney)

It is definitely not spoiler-free, so if you have not done the Cryptex Hunt, or you WANT to hear spoilers for the Cryptex Hunt, be forewarned.